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Maintaining the health of your PC

Many people think that their computer is crossing the line into old age when it starts to slow down or when it can no longer handle running more than one program at a time. But this is often far from the truth. Your computer's health and lifespan depends almost entirely on how well you take care of it. Basic maintenance and fine tuning can, in some cases, double the life of your machine. And we at PC DIRECT UK want to help you do just that.

PC Health Check in Just £49.99

Onsite Visit: £59.99

Onsite Support in Manchester M20 M19 M13 and Stockport as well as around the SK1, SK2, SK3, SK4, SK5, SK6, SK7, SK8, SK9.


Send your PC to our in-house PC Clinic and we will rid it of all those nasty bugs that could be causing your problems. (* Excludes transportation)

We will check for the following:

  • Virus'
    If a virus infects your computer it can cause multiple problems. Not only will it dramatically affect the behaviour of your PC, it can also spread to other PCs on your network and if ignored, can result in massive data loss. At any one time, your PC could be harbouring multiple viruses, each lying dormant for years, only to become apparent once triggered. One of the first actions our Clinic will undertake, will be to remove all viruses.
  • Spyware/Adware
    Although, not as damaging to your PC, Spyware and Adware can make a huge difference in the speed of your internet connections. Outside companies can use these programmes to acquire personal details from your PC and not only will it cause your PC to become slower, it will usually be the cause of unwanted pop up adverts.
  • Fan & Excessive Dust
    Cooling is a major feature in any PC. Overheating can cause the system's CPU (Central Processing Unit) to fail. While excessive dust and faulty fans can lead to this, checking all fans are operational and making sure the ventilation is clear, will automatically extend the life of your PC.
  • Patch Updates
    New viruses and security threats are announced everyday. Software patches are released to help combat these trouble makers but most systems do not come ready-loaded with patches. And of those that do, often become out of date very quickly. We will ensure your system is fully patched with the latest service packs and install new patches, if necessary, greatly reducing the risk of security threats.



Our experienced technicians can find any problem within the base unit and can replace any parts as necessary. We can also carry out repairs to laptop computers.

Most people would not consider repairing their current PC before setting out to buy a brand new model. Very often it can be far more economical to repair your current PC. A lot of faults are down to software settings, rather than hardware problems. Our engineers have years of experience in repairing PCs.

If a more expensive fault is found we will advise you of the problem and inform you of the hardware needed to rectify the problem.


We currently offer upgrades to both PCs and Laptops. These can include new processors, more memory, better graphics and anything else which may need upgrading. These services are tailored to your machine and we will advise you on a suitable upgrade, depending on what you intend to use your machine for.

With both repairs and upgrades, you will be supplied with a written quote before carrying out any work.


Data Recovery

If the problems with your PC have resulted in loss of important files or folders, we can help you recover your loss.

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